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A Guide To Custom Printed Canvas Tote Bags

Jul 19

A Guide To Custom Printed Canvas Tote Bag 

You can offer your customers, employees, or other large groups of people custom printed bags as a fun and lasting way to provide something unique and memorable.

Your brand will come to life with custom designed totes. They also make it simple for you to take your brand to the world.

Totes can be used for many purposes, but more importantly, they can be used as a practical and useful tool that allows people carry a message wherever they go.

They are also very sustainable and can be reused often. This will help make the world a better, more peaceful place.

There are so many styles and colors available to choose from. There are many options: 100% canvas, lightweight bags, eco-friendly cotton, and bags made in America.

Bags are completely customizable. You can give your design a home by adding custom printing or embroidery. Both of these options can make custom bags stand out and spark conversation.

You can start by reading each chapter to find Why custom bags are importantthe different useswhat they do for marketing, and our Most Popular Eco-friendly Promotional Gifts by a mile

Because we are passionate about creating a sustainable future, not only in the custom apparel industry but also in the wider world, we love totes bags as much as everyone else.

Totes can be used and re-used, which means that they offer unmatched value for custom swag. What's better than a product which minimizes single-use plastic use and is high-visibility to promote your brand?

Who uses custom printed tote bags?

Custom branded canvas totes are a popular accessory for a variety of reasons.

They are beneficial to those who are aware of their environmental impact and want to use less plastic.

They are a great way to give a boost to your team's morale or to welcome new employees. They're also great for "bag-people" .... they are the ones who have everything in one bag

Marketing Impressions for Printed Tote Bags

Although we cannot give an exact number of impressions for your custom bags, you can bet that many people will see your recycable cotton bag over the course of a single day, week, or year.

Advertising Specialty Institute's (ASI) research shows that custom bags generate around 3300 impressions per year.

ASI notes that custom bags can be kept for approximately 11 months. About 55% of people actually give it to someone they know once they are ready to part with the product. It is truly the gift that keeps giving. Goodbye single-use bags, hello traveling billboard

Marketing Cost Breakdown

Let's look at the ASI data and the actual price of a product. This is an example.

100 (qty), Tote Bags with 1 color/1-sided Print.

We have added $650 shipping cost and rounded up the total to $6.50 per bag to simplify the math.

ASI's 3300 impressions per year translate to 275 impressions each month. To reach 275 people per month, your ASI number of 3300 impressions a year translates to 275 impressions per month.

Print bags are a cost-effective and efficient way for your brand's to stand out. They also contribute to the greater good of the environment.

ASI mentions that "85%" of global consumers still remember the advertiser who gave them branded clothing.

Is it quality? Is it rad design? Are they able to sustain it? Is it making them feel a certain manner?

Your company's promotional products are an expression of your brand. Make sure you leave the right impression with whatever you are putting out.