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Workers Compensation Attorney - How to Find a Good One

Aug 7

When an injured worker is seeking compensation from their employer, they need to contact an attorney immediately after the incident. A workers' compensation attorney Columbus, OH can guide the injured worker through the claims process, collect evidence, and prepare a persuasive case for the employer. A good attorney in Columbus, OH can also communicate with the injured worker's supervisors. 

The law firm, Larrimer & Larrimer, LLC, has been fighting for injured workers in Ohio for over three decades and has been certified as a workers' compensation law specialist by the Ohio Supreme Court. His extensive background has allowed him to gather a broad knowledge of various industries, and he uses this knowledge to help injured workers get the compensation they deserve. He has handled over fifty cases in the Ohio Supreme Court and has a strong knowledge of the workers' compensation system. A legal professional can assist you if you seek a Workers Comp Lawyers Columbus Ohio for a workplace accident or a more complex injury case.

Once you've been injured on the job, getting the proper medical treatment and reporting the accident to your employer is critical. Your employer will be able to help you obtain the financial benefits you need to recover from your accident. The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation has specific requirements for reporting workplace accidents. Your employer must be notified within thirty days of the incident to qualify for Workers Comp Lawyer Columbus. If you cannot work for an extended period because of an injury, you can request a temporary or permanent disability benefit. This financial support can help you cope with the loss of earnings and provide stability for your family.

The process can be complicated and confusing when filing a claim for workers' compensation. Some common myths about this type of claim are that the injured party cannot receive compensation if they have already suffered an injury from previous occupation. In reality, these injuries can be aggravated or worsened by the occupation. If your employer refuses to honor the benefits you seek, an attorney will fight for your compensation. A good workers' compensation attorney Columbus will not only help you appeal the claim but will also advocate for the rights of family members.

The insurance company must provide a written statement of rights and obligations under the workers' compensation program. Choose a healthcare provider of your choice. If your employer refuses healthcare, you can file a claim with your attorney. In most cases, workers' compensation benefits depend on injury severity. Contact the Workers Comp Attorney Columbus when you need medical attention.

Having a Columbus Workers' Compensation attorney on your side can greatly improve your chances of success. Most injured workers do not take action after their injuries, so you must follow these steps immediately after an injury. You may be eligible for this benefit if you work at a construction site or manufacturing facility.

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